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Every kid needs a champion

This week I went on some maths lead training and mindset was linked into the topic.

They played the video by Rita on TedTalks and although I have watched it a few times before I would watch it again and again.

It saddens me to see teachers who teach but don’t show love for the pupils.

having respect and listening to children is so important.

I remember being at school , I must have been in year 3 or something and I had the most miserable teacher. She was old, mumbled a load of stuff under her breath and never smiled. I always wondered why she was a teacher. I even thought

Do you even like children?

But of course I never asked her this!

I remember a visitor at a training session shared a quote with us

Children won’t always remember what you have taught them but they will never forget how you made them feel.

This is so true! I respect every single one of my pupils. I will smile and say good morning to every single one even on the days I am exhausted and can’t wait for the holidays. I will apologise if I make a mistake and model good behaviour.

Rita clearly explains the reasons why teachers play such an important part of a child’s life. You can make a huge difference and I always finish watching it with a tear in my eyes.

Rita is a great inspiration for all and has made a huge impact on so many educators. I inspire to be like her one day. Rest in peace💕

Let me know your thoughts.


18 thoughts on “Every kid needs a champion

  1. Oh I didn’t know that she passed. She does give a powerful message here. This probably sounds cheesy but the kids, the parents, the relationships were some of my favorite parts of teaching. That’s what it’s all about. 😉💖

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  2. Your headline is so true. Every child needs someone who sees the light within her/him and the potential just waiting to get out. If adults need positive reinforcement, how much more so must kids? Thanks for sharing this post.

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  3. I love this!! My mom has been a teacher for as long as I can remember and I know that she believes the champion for kids quote as well – wonderful blog!!

    Followed your blog as well! x

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  4. Great post. It’s true, we do remember how teachers made us feel. I don’t remember the lesson content but I do remember my primary school teacher making us laugh and smile. On the flip side I remember another teacher I had who was so strict and didn’t seem to like us kids either 🙄

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  5. So very true. There are people who became teachers because they thought it would be easy or for the tenure. Some I believe loved their job, at one point, and then became jaded. Whether their problem be with the school system, or something more.

    They’ve let that feeling, that misery, come out and show in their relationships with their students. It’s not right, but I suppose I could understand how it happens.

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  6. This is so true! My kids look up to thier teachers so much and I know they will have a huge impact on them from year to year. Sadly my oldest daughter isn’t having the greatest time this year with her current teacher but the year is almost over and hopefully her teacher next year will mesh better.

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