The life of me

Whatever next?!

This half term we are learning all about space! The children heard a loud crash in the playground and found some old broken pieces of a spaceship! They also found the book whatever next and a letter from 2 aliens pip and tas!

We covered pieces of old equipment in hair gel and the children were full of aww and wonder!

What could it be?

Why is it so sticky?

Who has landed?

Whats this book?

We have started to read the story whatever next, this is a great story linked to space.

The children have enjoyed writings lists of things to pack to space and have enjoyed using props from the story whatever next.

I have created a small world area linked to space and a creative space writing area.

The children have also started to design spaceships and rockets and build them in the construction area.

Space can really spark children’s imagination and I am looking forward to continuing to build up the theme this half term.

I will blog about an updated version of my space planning soon!


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