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The magic of 10 frames!

10 frames are a great resource for children gaining an understanding of number. I have used 10 frames in a range of ways and I plan on using them when I start my new role as a Reception teacher in September.

The pictures used for this blog have been taken from pinterest but I am also going to create my own for future blogs!


10 frames can encourage children’s understanding of numbers. For instance children can complete 10 frames by matching the right amount to a digit.


I have completed this activity with children placing counters on or even finger painting the right amount on. Children could place stickers or glue something onto the 10 frames too.


10 frames can help children build up their number sense and identify number bonds.



Children could roll a dice and place the amount on a 10 frame. For instance after rolling 5, 5 counters are placed on the 10 frame children could find the missing amount using a different colour counter to reach 10.

5 and 5 make 10.

4 and 6 make 10 and so on!


10 frames are great for introducing addition.

1-- fames



I also love using egg boxes as 10 frames and natural objects such as conkers to count with in autumn.

Give 10 frames a try at home or at school!

What are your thoughts?



7 thoughts on “The magic of 10 frames!

  1. ten frames are a great way to help children visualize the combination of numbers as well as adding beyond 10. I love the ten frame made with Popsicle sticks. that is pretty creative

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