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Play dough fun and fine motor skills!

This week I made some yellow, ginger spiced play dough for the children and I collected a range of enhancements to develop their fine motor skills.

Fine motor skills are such an important skill for children to develop in Reception to get there fingers moving ready to grasp pens and pencils correctly…

The children have really enjoyed creating different animals that link to jingle animals using pasta, pom poms, googly eyes, straws and a range of tools.

Because I left it open ended some children also enjoyed making delicious play dough cupcakes too! Yummy!

I have also used play dough to develop maths skills and children have enjoyed counting out the right amount using play dough too.

How do you use play dough?!


2 thoughts on “Play dough fun and fine motor skills!

  1. playdough is such a great fine motor activity I love to use it for open ended play and see what they can create with no tools, not suggestions… just let them be creative

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