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Teaching the early years is easy… said none early years teachers!

If you have worked with children aged 3-5 years old you will know exactly what I’m talking about! When a teacher says oh do you just play all day? Or a parent thinks that this stage of school isn’t that serious….

Well in fact..,

A good start to school in the foundation stage builds the foundations of crucial learning and success in future!

Teachers have to plan creative, engaging independent play activities to develop all areas of a child. From their personal, social and emotional development to their early reading, writing, maths, creativity and physical development.

Whilst preparing provision suitable for all children to access, an early years teacher is also required to gather observations for every child based on every area. The teacher also has to make sure phonics sessions are in place for children’s early reading and writing skills and implementing ways to build and teach children early maths skills.

The early years is where children first grasp a pencil correctly, form letters and write short captions. In some schools teachers are also faced with potty training and building language and vocabulary for children with speak and language problems too!

I think every teacher needs to see a child from their very first starting points in school. In my eyes this is the place that needs to most staff and the most input and time! That way the foundations are built and there will be a minimised possibility of huge learning gaps further up in school.

What are your thoughts?!


10 thoughts on “Teaching the early years is easy… said none early years teachers!

  1. I always say a school’s strongest teachers should be in the primary grades (preK-2). These are the years where you learn to learn. If children are missing any of these beginning steps to learning they WILL struggle later

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  2. Yes! I was so fortunate that my son had such a dedicated and loving first grade teacher in a class of just under 20 students. She solicited parent volunteers and my son still talks about that class. It’s so critical!

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