I am a primary school teacher in Yorkshire and after a few years of teaching I have gained so many thoughts, ideas and inspiration that I would love to share with teachers and others around the world! So what best place to start other than a blog? Teaching is a very strong passion of mine and I believe my mindset has really led me down a path of planning to teach for enjoyment and not worrying too much about the ‘stresses’ of education. For me the happiness and engagement of education is KEY because without that the children will be put off learning and learning should be life long!


I hope my passion and dedication shines through my blog posts as I build upon my blog. I believe that being an amazing teacher consists of collaboration and talk with others- so please get involved comment, debate and share good practice too! All thoughts are freely welcomed.

Here’s a little bit more about me… 10 facts:

  1. I looked back on a diary from when I was aged 9 and it stated that when I grew up I would be a Primary School Teacher in a year 1 classroom! Wow that’s when I knew I truly did have a strong passion – I am and started off my career as a year 1 teacher! It also stated that I would marry a handsome man .. umm thats in progress! Haha.

2. I completed a CACHE Level 3 in Childcare and worked in a Nursery for a short amount of time before starting University. The school room was the most loved room for me and I knew primary aged children were definitely my preference.

3. I observed and taught in a Montessori School in Vienna for 3 weeks. That was amaaazinggg. Not only did I have a great time observing and witnessing how independent young children were, I also had a fantastic time meeting new people and experiencing the culture. Definitely on my bucket list of places to visit again.

4.  I observed and taught in France. Again an amazing experience during University and great to see a different culture and approach to education. They were still writing on chalkboards!

5. I love going to the gym … most of the time!

6. Beyonce is my all time favourite singer, ever since I was around 6!!

7. When I have time, I love to bake too! You may see me on the next Bake off….

8. I have the most adorable nephew and twin nieces!

9.  I really have the travel bug! I am wanting to travel the world, to see different cultures and more schools along the way!

10. The way Maths is taught in China has completely changed my life, (more blog posts to follow this soon).