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Classroom and Teaching Resources!

After a few weeks back at school, its almost like summer has been forgotten and I cant remember lazying about in my pajamas watching netflix! The school year has started and we are all busy settling children into new rules and routines.

I am so excited for the year ahead. Watching my class grow and learn will certainly make me proud.

I had a summer panic when I saw lots of ‘pinterest’ ready classrooms on twitter ready for the school year, especially because I was changing school and didn’t have one thing prepared!

But I have managed to set up my classroom with a great help from resources supplied by twinkl. Twinkl has over500,000 resources, from classroom display titles and labels. To activities.

As I am teaching jolly phonics this year, I used twinkl to create my display of sounds.




twinkl also has a twinkl create section, so you can use templates to create your own resources such as word mats, labels, posters, bunting and more!

I am looking forward to creating new wordmats linked to a range of stories I will be teaching. These can be added to mark making areas etc! There will be more pictures coming soon…


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