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The life of An Early Years Classroom

I started my new chapter in a new school. New faces, new places and new year group! But my face may of looked a little bit like a shock horror when I walked through the gates to see a huge building site sitting in what was before the huge Reception classroom area!

I wondered how I was going to transform dusty blank walls and a few tables and chairs into a welcoming classroom for new pupils to walk into tomorrow… but of course I am pretty resilient and an hour in I was stuck in with moving furniture around. My brain filled with ideas and I began to forget about how panicked I was!

The staff are so welcoming which is great and my class are learning the rules and routines. It is definitely like hurding sheep in the first few weeks. Making a line and walking to lunch took 20 minutes but we will get there!

I have been inspired by many teachers on both Pinterest and Facebook this year as soo many ideas have been shared for early years classrooms. And I have created a classroom based on the children’s photographs and work rather than spending hours on a display made by and only appreciated by the teacher that put it up.

At the moment I only have half of my classroom as there is still a lot of building work going on…but I have made the most of as many areas of provision as possible and the outdoors is a huge space with a range of amazing learning to be fulfilled!

The children love the challenge area that’s displayed along some table tops:

here are some of my displays too!

Our displays are designed as working walls. As soon as children complete the work- hang it up for them to be proud of instead of spending a million years backing it all… Less workload too!

How are we all settling into the school life again?


9 thoughts on “The life of An Early Years Classroom

  1. the beginning of the school year is always tough and lots of hard work. you will get there. plus a room filled with items created by the students allows the students to really feel like the classroom is their place.

    What grade are you teaching? it looks like it is off to a great start, even if you had to pull it all together fast

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    1. Yeah it is always harder and once they are in the routine and I’m in the routine too haha! I am sure we will be fine! And I’m teaching Reception this year so 4-5 year olds ☺️but in an extremely deprived area with very little language. Teachers being a good role model means everything to them! And thank you we have managed to build it up, team work! Xx


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