A new chapter …

As I cleared my classroom and found many memorable things, a tear rolled down my face. My first teaching job, the school that inspired and ignited my passion of teaching, was coming to an end!

As I hugged my very first teaching assistant I couldn’t control the tears that streamed down my face. Am I doing the right thing? I love the people in this school, I love the classroom and the teaching life I already have. But I knew to reach my goals and to progress I had to do it!

My first 3 years have been amazing, I have done so much and learned more than I could have ever imagined! It’s an emotional journey saying goodbye, especially to the pupils. Tears filled my eyes at the end of the day as parents said – you will be greatly missed! And I was hoping you would teach my son in a few years time!

My classroom echoed with emptiness and all that was left was a table full of gifts. I know it’s not the end, it’s the start of another exciting opportunity!  But I didn’t think leaving would end up being so hard.. 

So hears to a new academic year in a new school with many great opportunities to make a difference in new children’s lives. I will be blogging my journey of this school… so keep posted!


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