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Phonics & Writing with Twinkl Resources

I always start the day off with a morning activity with my class. For this half term most of the morning activities consisted of a focus on reading to help embed any sounds children struggle with. I have used twinkl’s phonics activity to help with this.

When you download this from twinkl you will find a folder full of all the phase 1-5 sounds with real and nonsense words in!

My class absolutely love colouring in the read words and nonsense words. It has been a fun way to start the day and I can definitely tell it has had a positive impact on my classes ability to grasp certain sounds they struggle with.

The split sounds such as:





This was my main focus as children always find them harder and it has really helped! After a crazy week of phonics screening, I am sure that the twinkl resources for phonics has helped make a positive impact on children’s consolidation of sounds.


Twinkl is also great at other morning activities to hit those strange KS1 objectives. For instance, my class have easily reached the objective of spelling days of the week through the simple, already prepared resource meaning all I had to do was press print!


Activities like these are also great to send as homework or use for extra interventions too.

Twinkl has a huge range of resources online that can are of easy access and are affordable too! Take a peak….

Please note that I have been given a free subscription in return for the review – but all thoughts are my own.


The life of me

Work life balance!

Whether you have been teaching 1 year or 20 years there’s always that talk of never having enough time and a work life balance!

As a teacher in my third year of teaching.l, I often find myself so engrossed into a topic that I sometimes spend a very long tome thinking and planning it! But you definitely need to switch off and enjoy your life too!!!

We are juggling like crazy through the day…

So here are my top tips!

  • My first rule – is never ever ever ever do work on a Saturday! I have always stuck to this rule, because you need at least ONE day off! So Friday evening the books, laptop and everything else are stored and Its time to catch up with family and friends! I have done this since my NQT year and it works a treat.
  • Never mark books at home! For me marking at home is super depressing, so I would much prefer and early start in the morning than a big pile of books in the evening!
  • Whilst we are onto the topic of marking, evaluate the effect of marking. Will it impact learning? If not Don’t do it!! Your wasting your time. For me instant feedback and self marking where possible works a treat.
  • Plan effectively and when needed… my smart boards are my plan. If you know wha you’re teaching and all the little steps of it, who is a typed up plan for??!
  • Leave early on Friday! It makes you feel refreshed and energised ready for a good well needed rest!
  • Organise days out away from home to avoid sitting in doing work / chores. I am always out 80% of the time on a Saturday.
  • No when to stop. A teachers to do list is never ending, so prioritise your workload, share workload through team work with others and no when it’s time to sit down and relax!

I hope it is a helpful blog post! Although teaching is an amazing career it can be super time consuming if you don’t work creatively.

Let me know your thoughts.