The life of me

A new term!

As the Christmas decorations come down and we start to prepare to go back to work we may feel ready and refreshed.

However, the children we go back to might have had a completely different experience of Christmas and the holiday period. Some children may have had an amazing time. Filled with family, laughter, presents and warmth. But some children may have experienced the opposite. Its easy to enter school and ask children what they have been doing over the holidays, and ask about what presents they all retrieved, but its especially important to be mindful of those that may want to forget.

I came across this post that really got me thinking….





As much as we may feel tired or unprepared to start the working week. Lets think about the children that can’t wait to see us for that safety and routine.

A teacher has a lot of roles, only one of which is actually giving children knowledge. A warming smile, open arms and even time to talk to any of my pupils if they want me to isĀ  what I am prepared to do on my first week back.

Have a lovely week!