The life of me

A new year.. new goals.. new experiences… new opportunities!

I wish everyone a healthy and happy new year!

Looking back to last year, I achieved some amazing goals. I completed my Masters in Education, I worked hard to achieve the accomplishment of teaching in a different school, I became Maths lead in the new school, and started to revive my classroom ideas to provide the best opportunities I can for the children I teach. I participated in an event and stood in a lecture hall to inspire upcoming teachers (twice!), I met the amazing author, Greg Bottrill, who inspired me to continue to pursue my teaching dreams. My partner and I worked hard to reach saving goals, I went on holiday with a great friend of mine and we had the best time exploring Barcelona, I have enjoyed watching my nephew and twin nieces grow and develop. Towards the end of the year I took the plunge to update my blog to offer teaching resources and a shop (coming soon).


2020 ny.jpg

I have a lot more goals to build on this year, and I am determined to work hard to achieve them. I have some blogging opportunities lined up which I will be excited to announce at the end of this month. I also aim to develop myself further with personal and professional goals in mind.

Over Christmas I have had time to reflect, recharge and I am ready to work hard to achieve more this year! I find making a list and writing goals down helps to achieve them. Plus ticking them off when you have reached it feels amazing!

So today I pulled down the Christmas decor… tidied my study room and lit new scented candles, ready for the new goals of 2020.

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Do you have goals that you are aiming towards this year?



The life of me

The last day of 2018!

The end of the year! As always it flies by, especially if you are a teacher as you count down each term!

This year has brought so much determination, excitement and hope. I have taken risks such as leaving a school that I was happily comfortable with to grow and develop my career as a teacher. I took on the challenge of starting at a school in a very deprived area but it has taught me so much and I throughly enjoy my decision. It has helped me continue to achieve my goals in leadership and I am very much looking forward to continuing that in 2019.

So today I will raise a glass to my achievements but also reflect on the year to come! I think that goal setting is crucial for success. The goals that I set this year helped me to achieve many things and I am going to set more goals for 2019.

These goals will both be personal and career goals. I am also going to set goals for myself that lenses itself to a 2-5 year plan. If you don’t realistically set goals then chances are you won’t reach them!

Wishing my blogger friends a lovely NYE and a happy new year ahead!