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Continuous provision in year 1

It’s the first time I have carried out continuous provision throughout the day every day in year 1 and I have to say it’s great!

It has allowed time for children to get the scaffolding and differentiation needed to meet their needs whilst the rest of the children are working at their level with carefully challenged enhancements and play opportunities.

I am so glad that I purchased open ended scrap resources for play from scrap magic and scrap store. This has helped children to develop their own creativity and ideas whilst i’ve been in the background adding further suggestions when needed to further their learning.

The children have really enjoyed creating and building their own castles in the small world as part of our castle topics.

They also create their own stories and add enhancements of their own to our castle role play. The children have created recipes, magic spells and menus linked to their own interests.

Play is definitely valuable in year 1, it’s just about getting the environment and enhancements to a good level for the children! Purposeful play can certainly be created without an an adult having to constantly stay in provision with the children too!

Let me know your thoughts.


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