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Developing reading skills in year 1!

Teaching reading in year 1 is such a hard balance. Do I teach guided reading but get around 5% engagement from the children? Do I try to make my little year ones sit and read all at the same time? Do I try to squeeze in 2 or 3 readers at snack time!?

I have tried all sorts!! And I can imagine you have too. But this year I am (fingers crossed) finding a balance.

Having continuous provision in year 1 is a great way of creating time to read one to one with children whilst the rest of the class engage in appropriately challenged play activities. After all the best independent activity for children to engage in is play right?!

Independent activity in provision!

My teaching assistant and I currently read one to one with a child every week for this half term. The children are still transitioning from Reception and require time too. It is a great way to check reading books and records and find out if children need moving up on colour bands too.

As we move towards the end of the Autumn 2 term, I plan to create a whole class guided reading session. However, I do not like the traditional ‘everybody listen and read a page’ guided reading session.

By guided reading I mean whole class engagement.

I will provide children with a very important teacher stick (lollipop stick) they will work in pairs with a mixed ability partner in groups. The children will take in turns to read a page of a book each.

Image result for lollipop stick

The partner that is not reading will point to each word for their partner to read.That way every child has to maintain focus on the book. I always make the children feel very important by explaining that they are the teacher and they have to correct their partner if they make a mistake too!

These teaching strategies are similar to the read write inc program. It is a great way for me as the teacher and my teaching assistant to walk around the room and listen to children read pages of the book.

I will also create questions for children to read and answer with their partners when they get use to it too.

More blogs about these strategies will be out when I start to give it a go!

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