The life of me

Vegetable fun in year 1!

It’s been a busy half term of settling in, rules and routines and getting to know my new class.

We are lucky enough to have a farm at school, so the children found a trial of vegetables last week…

and the book… Oliver’s vegetables!

We followed the trail and tasted lots of different vegetables.

We went to the farm to find the vegetables in the story…

I enhanced the provision by linking it to the story.

The children really love the challenges in different areas and enjoy earning dojo points for them too.

This week we have been busy making vegetable soup with the vegetables we’ve harvested at the farm.

We have invited parents in too, to taste our delicious soup!

The children have designed their own soup and planned the equipment we need.

Some vegetables have also come alive! The children have really enjoyed writing sentences linked to what the vegetables might say.

Dojo challenges linked to gaining dojo points are a great incentive for children to challenge themselves in provision.

In the phonics area I created a silly sentence activity sheet.

The children had to pick different words out to create a silly sentence.

The main skill here was to reinforce capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. The children love creating them too!

The children have enjoyed a range of independent tasks and it’s helped me to assess who has really understood what we are learning too.

Here the children had to cut out and read the words to sort them into different sounds. I have focused on the sounds we are currently reviewing in phonics.

Numicon is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of number bonds. The children have used the numicon and boards to find many different number bonds to 10!

Some children have also recorded them on the blank addition and equals sheets.

Keep a look out as I will be uploading provision sheets for you to download for free!


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