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Tidy up time!!! Is every second for early years teachers…

It’s been a while since my last blog as I have been busy relaxing from all things teaching this holidays and grafting away at my masters dissertation…

But I just came across a great post that jogged my memory about the EYFS which I’m dying to share with everyone.

It’s quite easy to look around the early years classroom and think- what a mess! Go and tidy up your mess, why have you moved the play dough into the home corner and why are there bowls all over the book corner floor???

But actually if you zone into what children are actually doing and engaged in it’s pretty amazing.

A children will make connections using their imaginations in provision that will be more amazing than any adult could think of.

They may see the yellow play dough as a delicious bowl of porridge and place it in the home corner to cook and play with. They may have transferred bowls in the book corner to imitate a story they have been inspired by. The may have decided to pick up a boat from the water area to help build their bridge and lake in the construction area…

By telling children to put things back and instantly tidy up during their play will actually crush their creativity and stop their ideas of play from flowing.

My message is before you tell a child to tidy up, look around and observe what they are doing with the ‘mess’ you may be more amazed than annoyed….

After all the early years is messy and learning is messy too!!


4 thoughts on “Tidy up time!!! Is every second for early years teachers…

  1. it is so important that the children learn to play creatively. I tell my students they need to clean up before the leave an area and then we have a grand cleaning when the play time is done. forcing children to clean as they play doesn’t make sense as it stops their play.


  2. Children’s imaginations are amazing and we should never break that with telling them to tidy up right away. I remember having tidy up time at school but the teacher gave us time to get ready for it which I guess gave us the time to still use our imagination but get ready for the time we’d have to stop for lessons.

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    1. Yes it is so true. But some teachers love a tidy classroom don’t they? so they can’t cope when they see things are a mess… or you may have a leadership team that questions why there’s mess and noise everywhere because they just don’t get it! It is a shame. I love the idea of having a bit of time to get ready for tidy up time, I try and do that too but sometimes I am so busy working with children through play or teaching that I look up and it’s actually time to stop! Haha. Thank you for your comments.

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