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Being a good role model

Teaching has its challenges for sure! But it’s so important to make sure every pupil feels welcomed into school. I always show them a caring smile and a huge good morning. I make sure every pupil is ready to start the day and I pick up on those pupils that are not quite themselves.

Before any teaching can be done, you have to care for that child. You have to build up a great relationship with them and most of all have faith in them! I tell every pupil in my class – you can do it!

I remember packing away my things in summer with shear pride of how much my pupils had achieved and then finding this lovely card from a pupil.

She has drawn us at the bottom and asked her mum to help her write the wonderful message inside.

It brought a tear to my eye. How amazing. This is the reason why I became a teacher, to be a good role model to all of the pupils. I want them to remember me as a hero – someone that inspired them to be the best that they can be!


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