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Future teachers event!

I’m looking forward to being a part of the Leeds Trinity University’s, future teachers event in the next few weeks! A range of professionals will be talking, including the author of the book ‘Can I go and play now?’

I will be talking to students about the life of a primary teacher and offering them advise in the profession.

Teaching is extremely exhausting but it’s such an amazing rewarding job.

Balance is certainly needed to make sure you live your life well and spend time with your loved ones.

Over the last few years in my career I have stretched and challenged myself to take part in all kinds of opportunities. From taking on the role of the reading leader, to attending maths hub meetings and being observed teaching maths mastery by Pearson’s Publishers! I’ve leaped into studying further and I am on completion of my masters in education as well as leading on maths in my current school…

Through trial and error and a little encouragement from others you can embrace and try all sorts within teaching.

Take a risk is key within my advice. Take a risk in your role, in the school you go for, take a risk whilst you teach lessons! Some lessons may go terribly wrong, whilst others go amazingly well.

You will have pupils you remember forever for good or for bad! But embrace it all, listen to the children you work with (they often have better teaching ideas than I do! ) and build up positive relationships with both them and their parents.

Good luck to any students about to enter the profession in September. Your first year is both exhaustingerrrr😂 and rewarding!


2 thoughts on “Future teachers event!

  1. how cool that you get to present and then talk to upcoming teachers. it is always good for professionals to get out and talk to others who are considering their field of expertise

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