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Jack and the beanstalk!

The children have really enjoyed the start of our topic of Jack and the Beanstalk.

It all started with children finding large foot steps which lead to the outdoor area where they found magic beans and a giant shirt.

Who could it be? How did it happen? The discussion and language that children used instantly increased due to the excitement.

Since then I have put a range of enhancements in the provision. Magic beans and green play dough in the play dough area. A range of beans on plates in the collection area which helped children to sort the beans and create different patterns.

The giant has sent us a letter back apologising for making a mess and explaining he got lost. The giant gave the children some magic beans (sunflower seeds) and the children have planted them and are eager to find out what’s going to happen.

The children have used cubes to measure how many cubes long the giants feet are and they have enjoyed playing in our giants castle role play with giant bowls, spoons and clothes. Sorry for the limited amount of images for these ideas!

Some children created wanted posters, invitations for a banquet and thank you cards for the giant too.

Jack and the beanstalk lenses itself to great curiosity in children and can be used to gain great observations in all areas of the EYFS curriculum.


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