The life of me

Health is everything šŸ’•

After spending a week and a half in bed with aches pains, and every bug you can possibly catch from 5 year olds… reflecting on life was the only thing I could possibly do!

I was too weak to work, to even go downstairs and get a drink. I was too drowsy to keep my eyes open for longer than an hour and all I could do was sleep sleep sleep. Until I finally went to the doctors and was also given some antibiotics for a chest infection I also managed to catch on top of my other million symptoms!

It made me think of what is important in life. It’s not very often that I am ill, not for that amount of time either! But to just be stuck in bed all day made me realise it’s not the materials or the silly things like laundry that mattered. It was love, having my partner by my side reminding me to take my medication and giving me food and drink.

It was having my mum text and ring me and send me a million vitamins and boost teas like she does! It’s the people that matter that the most. Of course it seems obvious, but at the beginning of the week I was worried about being without my class and all the planning and things I have missed. Sometimes we rush around worried about silly things that can actually wait. And it was the people around that mattered the most.

Let’s stop worry about the small stuff and think carefully about what really matters in life. As without health, you don’t have much!


2 thoughts on “Health is everything šŸ’•

  1. sorry to hear you were feeling so sick. it is hard to be out as a teacher, there are lesson plans, worrying about “that child” who needs a bit of extra attention. and so much more. but you are right your health and those who are there for you are what should mean the most to you.

    Hope you are feeling better and can get back to all the other “Stuff”

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