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Every kid needs a champion

This week I went on some maths lead training and mindset was linked into the topic.

They played the video by Rita on TedTalks and although I have watched it a few times before I would watch it again and again.

It saddens me to see teachers who teach but don’t show love for the pupils.

having respect and listening to children is so important.

I remember being at school , I must have been in year 3 or something and I had the most miserable teacher. She was old, mumbled a load of stuff under her breath and never smiled. I always wondered why she was a teacher. I even thought

Do you even like children?

But of course I never asked her this!

I remember a visitor at a training session shared a quote with us

Children won’t always remember what you have taught them but they will never forget how you made them feel.

This is so true! I respect every single one of my pupils. I will smile and say good morning to every single one even on the days I am exhausted and can’t wait for the holidays. I will apologise if I make a mistake and model good behaviour.

Rita clearly explains the reasons why teachers play such an important part of a child’s life. You can make a huge difference and I always finish watching it with a tear in my eyes.

Rita is a great inspiration for all and has made a huge impact on so many educators. I inspire to be like her one day. Rest in peacešŸ’•

Let me know your thoughts.


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Whatever next?!

This half term we are learning all about space! The children heard a loud crash in the playground and found some old broken pieces of a spaceship! They also found the book whatever next and a letter from 2 aliens pip and tas!

We covered pieces of old equipment in hair gel and the children were full of aww and wonder!

What could it be?

Why is it so sticky?

Who has landed?

Whats this book?

We have started to read the story whatever next, this is a great story linked to space.

The children have enjoyed writings lists of things to pack to space and have enjoyed using props from the story whatever next.

I have created a small world area linked to space and a creative space writing area.

The children have also started to design spaceships and rockets and build them in the construction area.

Space can really spark children’s imagination and I am looking forward to continuing to build up the theme this half term.

I will blog about an updated version of my space planning soon!


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Rainbow Factory Leeds – an honest school trip review!

My first school trip with my Reception class was to Rainbow Factory in Leeds. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect all though I was aware it linked to our story telling and tradition tales that we had been looking into that term.

I hadn’t really heard of the place either but I was excited to see what it would be like!

As the children filled up on the mini buses they were filled with so many questions, Will we see the 3 bears? How long until we get there? And of course… can I eat my lunch now!?

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Fortunately, it didn’t take long for us to arrive and we were greeted by lovely staff. The room was very inviting and filled with story book characters quotes and a stage. We spent the first half hour in the play area whilst we waited for the rest of the children to arrive and then we were ready for the workshop!

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The website also has many workshops available! It can be tailor made to a range of different topics.

We started off by watching a production of little red riding hood. The actors were amazing and engaged all children by asking questions and including them in the performance.

We then split off and created our own poems, using ideas and descriptive language that the children came up with with support.

We entered different rooms filled with resources and book characters. It looked amazingly magical and the children were drawn to everything they saw and asked so many questions.

They provided us with a seating area, so the children had their lunch and then we continued with some different workshops and another interactive story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears before setting off back to school.

We spent the whole day there and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the stories and I especially liked the way they brought books to life to encourage reading for enjoyment!

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I would say it’s definitely a trip to visit. It does feel hidden as I had never heard of it before, so this is the reason I thought I would create a blog about it. For a small cost and an easy location for schools around the Leeds and Bradford area, you should really take a look!

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A new term!

As the Christmas decorations come down and we start to prepare to go back to work we may feel ready and refreshed.

However, the children we go back to might have had a completely different experience of Christmas and the holiday period. Some children may have had an amazing time. Filled with family, laughter, presents and warmth. But some children may have experienced the opposite. Its easy to enter school and ask children what they have been doing over the holidays, and ask about what presents they all retrieved, but its especially important to be mindful of those that may want to forget.

I came across this post that really got me thinking….





As much as we may feel tired or unprepared to start the working week. Lets think about the children that can’t wait to see us for that safety and routine.

A teacher has a lot of roles, only one of which is actually giving children knowledge. A warming smile, open arms and even time to talk to any of my pupils if they want me to isĀ  what I am prepared to do on my first week back.

Have a lovely week!