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Work life balance!

This is always a topic for all teachers in education! Having a good work life balance is tricky at times. You may feel that school is on your mind on weekends, or your working so much you hardly have one day off a week! But I think it really is down to your head teacher and how they support teachers to have a better work life balance! Little things can actually make a huge difference….

Such as emails! Emails can cause so much anxiety because it usually means another thing to add to your to do list! I never ever look through emails on a weekend. This is my weekend off so no way am I going to start increasing my to do list.

Moving schools has made me feel like I have a much better work life balance! I’m not sure if it’s due to changing year groups? Now

Secondly, I finish work at 12.30 every Friday! How refreshing? The afternoon is my PPA time but I also get 2 hours PPA through the week with my year group partner which means we can discuss the plans together and go off and get things done.

Team work is also key! I have a great team that helps to get resources together for the following week. So this weekend my to do list is literally 2 things that shouldn’t take more than an hour of my weekend time!

This means I feel refreshed on Monday and I spend great time with my family and friends this weekend too!

I also live much closer to my school a 10 minute drive! This has helped me stick to my gym goals and have more time to myself in the evenings!

Small changes make a huge difference! How are you managing your work life balance?


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