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How to survive your NQT year!

I thought I’d do a survival blog posts for any upcoming NQTs that are feeling a bit nervous at the moment for the year to come!

First of all I remember my NQT year like it was yesterday! I lost loads of weight, I was completely exhausted, I felt like I lived in a little teaching bubble as all that I could think of is work and I had days where I just cried!


I come out stronger, inspired and so excited to not only start my second year but to start my masters too!

So here are some top tips that got me through the year. Hopefully it will help some of you NQTs.

1. Find something you enjoy and do it every week! Something to help you switch off. I loved going to the gym so that got me through my year for sure. Such a great stress relief without thinking of anything.

2. Book a holiday or short break every half term! This really kept me going as it was something to look forward to!

3. Never bring marking home. Just don’t bring any books home no matter what. Make sure you mark in school you will feel so much better!!

4. Go to that staff room at lunch time! Even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Talking to others and getting out of the room your in all day will make you feel better for sure.

5. Let go of the workload. Priorities what you need to get done straight away and leave the bits you don’t need to to urgently for another time. I’d always spend Saturday meeting friends, family and shopping and Sunday for a FEW hours only I’d take out some time to do planning.

6. Share the workload with your colleague. You can’t do it all so team work is key!

7. The holidays are your holidays so again don’t spend more than a day doing work in any of them to! The more refreshed you are the better.

8. Enjoy it, enjoy the moments you have with your class and the laughs and memories that can be made too.

I hope this helps some NQTS out there. Any more top tips? Feel free to comment.