The life of me

The Alchemist

I recently started to read this book and I’ve really become glued to it! I can relate to parts of it so much and it really gave me some inspiration to keep going and keep progressing.

After graduating and getting the job I really wanted at a lovely school, it’s easy to just stop there. Get comfortable, I know I can teacher year 1 well, I enjoy talking to my work colleagues and I am starting to balance the work life balance. So that’s fine let’s keep doing the same thing right? Then 20 years go by like a flash…

But this book made me realise. I shouldn’t sit still, I shouldn’t continue to do the same thing year after year. I needed to continue to take risks and progress to get to my end career goal. Hopefully my end career goal will unfold if you continue to read my blog posts over time!

So instead of sitting back, this book made me realise – go for it. Take a risk. Achieve your next step. After all if it all goes wrong you can go back? Back to the life you were living!

So here’s to September. I can’t say the grass is always greener but I know that it will help me to progress professionally and help my dreams grow in the direction I am dreaming of.

Follow your dreams

I also really believe that things happen for a reason. My first school has helped me to develop my skills so much. Ive come out with a great passion of Singapore Maths methods of teaching which has lead me to fulfil a masters degree which I am on the way to completion of too! My next school brings more hope and excitement as I shape the life of children in a new year group. A new exciting chapter and this book has actually helped me to realise.. my next challenge is moving towards my dreams!

Do you think everything happens for a reason?

This book really is a must read.


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