The life of me

And relax…

I think it’s so important for teachers to wind down in the holidays and relax without thinking of school.

This time last year I was laid on a beautiful beach in Jamaica and then I explored New York City for 3 weeks. That meant I went back to work feeling refreshed and ready to put energy into a new year.

This year has been less ambitious! I have spent a lot of time relaxing locally and going on weekend or day trips. But still no SCHOOL work has been done yet – and it shouldn’t need to be either!!

The workload is always there, so why start now?!

I think 6 weeks off should literally mean 6 weeks off! It’s definitely not sustainable to work 24/7 so if your currently planning and making resources stop! Enjoy your free time while you can because the next 10 months will be full of work☺️.

I recently visited London and attended a spa hotel for a few nights which was great for relaxing and sightseeing.

I also love music and concerts so I enjoyed going to see Sean Paul last night in concert!

Do the things you love whilst you can.


2 thoughts on “And relax…

  1. As a special education teacher I work through the summer and am left with only three weeks to refresh and rejuvinate- i’ve Enjoyed sleeping in on my first week – two more left to go and I intend to take your great advice and Re-lax! Enjoy the rest of your break

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