Children’s language development

As I will start a new year group as a Reception teacher I decided to have a read of this book to refresh my mind and gain new ideas!

I already knew how important children’s language development is but this book really emphasised the difference between children’s language development went starting school!

By the age of 4 children can have a gap of over 30 million words!! What a huge difference for a disadvantaged child. This gap will only get bigger if language isn’t exposed as much as it can be! A teacher plays a significant role in developing language skills in the classroom.

It’s clear that language is everywhere when a child enters school, but providing new language opportunities through play, problem solving, to support children’s social development and friendships and through story time is vital to help close this language gap.

Please share your ideas for developing children’s language skills! I am going to do further research for ideas for Reception teachers and keep you posted!

What do you think? #MissPinnock

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