Recipes for the classroom

Wha a lovey post! Summer ideas..

Norah Colvin

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As completion, and therefore launch, of readilearn, my website of early childhood teaching resources approaches, it has become obvious that some categories are less well-resourced than others.

I consider food preparation to be a great way of involving children in learning that is fun, purposeful, integrates curriculum areas, and develops skills that can be applied in everyday life. I have previously written about learning in the kitchen with suggestions for parents at home.

In the introduction to the readilearn cooking resources I write

Cooking, including food preparation that doesn’t include any heating, is a great way to teach life skills and integrate learning in a meaningful and enjoyable way across curriculum areas. When children are involved in food preparation they may be developing:

  • Social skills of cooperation, turn taking, sharing, patience
  • Literacy skills – reading and following the recipe, selecting ingredients, writing a menu and invitations…

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The life of me

End of year fun!🎉

It’s always great to look back at the year with the pupils and really appreciate and celebrate their achievements! Although some pupils feel that they have struggled every pupil has achieved so much along the way and this needs to be acknowledged!

I gave out some cute bubbles to all the pupils in my class for ‘blowing me away’, with their hard work this year!

2D38105E-902F-4F7D-B702-CCA825F4DBFDI also used twinkl resources to award all children with something they have done well this year. From always bringing a bright smile to school, to being a super scientist there was a certificate that fit every child!


It  could be one to bookmark for  next year.



A new chapter …

As I cleared my classroom and found many memorable things, a tear rolled down my face. My first teaching job, the school that inspired and ignited my passion of teaching, was coming to an end!

As I hugged my very first teaching assistant I couldn’t control the tears that streamed down my face. Am I doing the right thing? I love the people in this school, I love the classroom and the teaching life I already have. But I knew to reach my goals and to progress I had to do it!

My first 3 years have been amazing, I have done so much and learned more than I could have ever imagined! It’s an emotional journey saying goodbye, especially to the pupils. Tears filled my eyes at the end of the day as parents said – you will be greatly missed! And I was hoping you would teach my son in a few years time!

My classroom echoed with emptiness and all that was left was a table full of gifts. I know it’s not the end, it’s the start of another exciting opportunity!  But I didn’t think leaving would end up being so hard.. 

So hears to a new academic year in a new school with many great opportunities to make a difference in new children’s lives. I will be blogging my journey of this school… so keep posted!