The evidence of success!

I have been researching about action research as part of my MA in Education recently and I decided to take on some action research after coming across the problem of children not being secure with their phonics sounds despite daily phonics sessions.

So after shear frustration disappointment in myself after feeling like iv let down my pupils. I decided to create a timetable full of 10 minutes phonics interventions.

We follow the Read Write Inc program (as previously mentioned) and they recommend 10 minutes a day to help struggling learners. The only problem was I could count about 12 children that needed it, which meant that we would need 120 spare minutes every day!

I worked creatively and came up with my action plan:

1. More phonics morning activities for all children.

2. Inform parents! Some parents will help and that communication is vital.

3. Interventions run through the day with the TA and I. Luckily I also have a student this half term so it’s all go from the second children enter the doors!

4. Record progress of children and persevere!

Then the lightbulb moment appeared and the children begun to make rapid progress!

Isn’t it amazing when you see how much you hard work is making a difference! For me the success of the children are worth the blood, sweat and tears that come with the job!

Of course, it’s assessments that have actually made me realise how much progress they have made! Action research is a reciprocal cycle so my next steps are informed by it, let’s get the children fluently reading now they can identify all the sounds in words securely.

I can highly recommend the 20 minutes phonics based plan of read write inc and the support and intervention advice that come with it.

Teach a child to read and you can change everything. And I mean everything.

Ooh and thank you to ‘fred’ for helping us to look for special friends and use ‘fred talk.’😂🙌🏾

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