What really makes young children happy!

Have you ever been frustrated after buying a young child an expensive toy with a million fancy buttons but really all they are interested in is the box? Haha!

Young children really don’t need a million fancy musical toys to learn and enjoy, it’s the simplistic of things that really engage them and develop their language and social skills.

I recently spent some time with my nephew and it was amazing to see how much new words he learnt from playing with sand and water!

Although he made my house a complete mess and I felt like I was eating a sand sandwich, it was all worth it!

This sand tray came from the toy store,

Smyths Toys

And it was only £14.99! What a bargain.

I purchased the sand on offer at Tesco’s for around £3.00 too!

Through playing with sand and water my nephew who is 2 in May, learnt the words

Pat pat – when making sandcastles and the word turtle after creating sand shaped turtles and that was in the space of around 30 minutes!

He didn’t want to put it away and was devastated when I mentioned the word bed time!

The easiest and simplest things are definitely the most engaging!

Give it a try and ditch the super expensive toys!


3 thoughts on “What really makes young children happy!

  1. Sand and water play is wonderful for children. You’ve expressed how great it is for language development. It’s also great for learning about the properties of materials and exploring many other science concepts too – all without a “teacher” in sight. My, though, you are brave setting up sand and water inside, on carpet!

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