Encouraging writing with young children

It’s been a hectic few weeks but I have so much to share so lots more blog posts will be on there way soon!

Encouraging children to write in the early years is simple as long as you are super creative!

I always ensure that writing is in every area of my year 1 class and I encourage children by modelling the ranges of writing in each area.

For instance, in the construction area I model how children can design and plan their buildings before creating them.

Our current topic is people who help us! After inviting the police in to talk with the children, the children then entered the classroom after lunch to find this!

It got the children talking and wanting to investigate what had happened.

Who do the footprints belong to?

Why did they enter our classroom?

Let’s write about what have seen and how can investigate just like the police!

Creativity is definitely key, the amount of children that started to write because they were so engaged that afternoon was great!

Let’s make sure the curriculum is still enjoyable for children despite some of the absurd objectives.

Let me know your creative writing ideas!

#Miss Pinnock

7 thoughts on “Encouraging writing with young children

  1. I love this story stimulus you set-up for the children. I’m sure they had lots of fun writing about it too. I hope you’re going to share samples of their writing with us.
    I have written many posts about writing with children. In fact my most recent post included a writing stimulus https://www.readilearn.com.au/learning-to-be-friends-to-combat-bullying/. I also have many suggestions on my website. I loved teaching year one. It was such a privilege to share in their first steps into literacy. I enjoy hearing about your journey too.


  2. This post made me smile, because you are making learning fun for your students. Congrats. Being a primary school teacher is such an important role in the lives of young children.


  3. I loved the writing our two children completed in the elementary years. For Mother’s Day, I recall that the page our daughter wrote said her mother weighed 1000 pounds and was 1000 feet tall. At least it seemed proportionate for height and weight. Loved it.

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