This week I got my wand out .. and waved get over it!

Teaching for me is such an amazing job! I honestly go to work bursting with energy ready to make a difference for the children.

This week has been a rollercoaster from a range of curriculum demands… to actual magical moment of a struggling learner grasping and independently completing a task in Maths!

What a roller coaster of emotions but I’m glad I’m moving onto Friday with a huge smile, laughing off the mixes of madness this week has brought!

Teaching definitely faces challenges, which unfortunately for some people are too stressful to take. But if you are a new teacher reading this completely overwhelmed, my advice is to honestly laugh it off.

Laugh it off. Do what’s best for the children and keep moving forward!

Have a lovely weekend everyone ☺️☺️💕

One thought on “This week I got my wand out .. and waved get over it!

  1. teaching is hard! It could be your first year or your tenth year, you will find things that come up and you don’t expect. Administration changes expectations. Parents put on pressure. Administration puts on pressure. But, you don’t teach for parents or administration you teach for the children. Keep it real. Keep it present and you’ll get through the day. even if it’s one moment at a time


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