Arctic paintings

When I teach my class Art, I always try to take it as serious as I would for Maths or phonics. I think carefully about the skills children will need and how I can model the skills required.

Even though I am pretty rubbish as Art! I tell all the children that we are going to be Artists and we are going to take our time. After all practice makes perfect!

We have been working on water coloured paintings and I came across this painting from Pinterest. It links perfectly into our Arctic theme and it is so simple but effective.

The children painted their backgrounds and were so amazed by the colours red and blue being mixed together to make purple!

They then carefully cut out outlines of a polar bear and used a black pen to create the eyes and nose.

They then stuck their Polar Bears onto the picture.

I strongly encouraged expressing their own ideas in the paintings. That’s why each one is so unique! Some children chose to have more than one polar bear, while others mixed a range of shades of blue and purple.

I think 5-6year olds have done a great job! It was one display that was hard to select a fair few of, as everyone did an amazing job!


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