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Philosophy for children?

Philosophy for children (P4C) is a topic I came across in my first year of my MA in Education. It’s one that is full of great debates but the more I researched into it the more I became to love it.

Getting children to think for themselves and listen to other people’s opinions is definitely a well needed life skill in the society we live in.

Children learn that other people have different perspectives in life and we have to respect it but we don’t have to agree to it either.

I have started small P4C sessions with my class. At the moment we are learning all about th Arctic. I started off by asking my class if they would like to live in the Arctic. Without prompts I just listened to each child’s response.

As you can imagine some children said no because it’s too cold. Other children said they would love to because they could play in the snow all day.

I placed a yes and no sign in my classroom for children to decide and stand next to.

I then added more to the scenario. What if you could have a heated coat to keep you warm in the Arctic, would you live there then?

Some children began to change their decision and perspective of it after listening to others and after the scenario changed.

It was great to see fantastic listening skills from 5 year olds too!

tell me know yours views on P4C in education!


3 thoughts on “Philosophy for children?

  1. Hi Alison, I think Philosophy for Children is a wonderful program. I love the use of it to establish a democratic classroom in which children’s voices are heard and respected. Some wonderful P4C teaching materials are available to support teachers implement the philosophy, which can become embedded in how they run their classrooms. Are you familiar with them?


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