A trip to the Arctic!

After the festive season it’s time to get back into the workload! The hardest part of this half term for me is getting out of bed when it is sooo dark outside! But I do feel charged and ready to give my class the best learning experiences possible!

So what else could be done apart from flying to the Arctic?

My class made their passports on the first day back and then we were ready to board a plane in the afternoon! We were sat in the hall with the chairs set out like an aeroplane – pilot and air hostess’s at the ready as we watched a Thomas cook safety video on the hall screen and got ready to fly to the Arctic!

After getting off the aeroplane the children’s eyes lit up with joy as they entered the classroom that was full of ice and covered in fake snow and Arctic animals!

It was great to see the children making snow angels, exploring and skipping in the ice and just dancing with joy!

To warm us up we drank hot chocolate and watched a video all about the Arctic.

That day I must have had about 5 minutes for lunch and I was truly exhausted with a pretty messy classroom… but one thing that made me think it was all worth it was a child that came up to me at the end and said ‘wow Miss Pinnock, you did all this for us?’

It’s the experiences in teaching that really lights up your day!

Happy 2018! Let’s make it one full of rich learning experiences for all children!☺️☺️

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